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Hi, my name is Felicity Keith…

I’m going to teach you a naughty erotic secret about men even the nicest, shyest, most innocent woman can use to get any man you want more turned on and desperate for you than he’s ever been for any woman in his entire life…

I know this sounds a little unbelievable right now…

Especially if you’re used to the disconnected, boring sex and “romance” that most women have to settle for.

But I Promise, Woman to Woman…

Even if you’re shy… Even if you’re conservative… If you’re a “Good Girl” who feels this silent need to be just a little naughty

You’re About to Learn Why the Mind Is the Only Erogenous Zone on a Man That Matters…

Who The Heck Am I To Make Such And Amazing Promise And Why Should You Believe Every Word You Read on This Page?

My name is Felicity Keith

And no, I’m not a stripper or a “Sexpert” or a nymphomaniac or anything like that…

If you saw me at the supermarket you would just see a regular forty-ish, slightly-overweight single mom…

But that’s not what my boyfriend, Kevin sees at all…


When he looks at me?

He sees his lover he could never live without.

Because I learned the secret fantasies of my guy… of all guys.

Because I learned the sexual psychology of men

why men want what they want.

And I learned to play his secret desires like a violin.

And inspire him to give me everything I’ve ever fantasized about, too.

After months of research, I sat down at my laptop and I boiled


I’d learned and discovered into

33 Powerful Tricks & Techniques

33 tricks that would wake up the animal in my man and fix his hunger right on me, where it belongs…

Language of Desire

Dirty Words to Make Him Yours

I created an “Owner’s Manual” for a man’s most important erogenous zone… His mind. His imagination.


Inside Look at Language of Desire

The Pavlov’s Erection Technique

Use this and you’ll condition a man to become unreasonably turned on and vibrating with desire for you every time you whisper a seemingly innocent phrase of your choice in his ear.

Erotic Telepathy

Allows you to crawl into his mind, past all his defenses and discover his deepest, most passionate fantasies… fantasies he’s not even consciously aware he has.!

Desire Seed

This controversial technique allows you to tell a man exactly what you want in bed so you get your fantasies met…

Verbal Viagra

This simple method acts as a sudden shot of adrenaline to his libido… making his whole body sing with sudden lust for you like he had when you first met.

The Madonna Moan

This has nothing to do with a pop singer and everything to do with YOU getting truly in touch with the most erotic you…

Using a simple exercise you’ll learn to totally relax sexually… To open yourself to new levels of pleasure

You’ll get the

Porn Destroyer

a simple phrase you can use to make him turn off the computer, ! chase you into the bedroom and SEDUCE you as the gorgeous woman you are, right there in front of him.

I call it

The Lust Mirror

This method is so easy to do, but so powerful… It allows you to actually create a “feedback loop” of desire between you and your man. So the more turned on you are, the more turned on he gets. And the more turned on he is, the more turned on you get…

The Tease Intensifier

How to slowly “raise the heat” with a man so he clutches the table with unbridled lust… (Barely able to contain the smile on his face.)

The Boiled Frog

If you’re kind of shy and are afraid of talking dirty with a new guy, you’ll love this… I’ll show you exactly how to slowly turn up the heat with a guy so he finds every cell in his body humming with erotic electricity and desire for you and only you

And so much more

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The Good Girl's Guide to Texting Dirty

My private collection of “Done-For-You Dirty Texts”

Every woman I know has been caught staring at her cell phone wondering what to say to a man when he wants to get a little dirty…

Which is why I’m giving you over 200 tested, proven and delicious dirty texts to use on your man…

Good Girls Guide to texting dirty


Silent Seduction

If The Language of Desire is all about how to use words to infiltrate a man’s mind… Silent Seduction is how to create absolute craving in him without saying anything at all. In this special training I’ll teach you how to use body language – a wink, a smile, the tilt of your head – to short circuit his sexual nervous system and drive him absolutely wild.

Silent Seduction


Unstoppable Confidence

Over 90 minutes of deep conversation and training between Michael Fiore and Michael Griswold teaching you how to have unshakeable confidence with men, and how to use feminine vulnerability to wrap any man you want around your finger.

Unstoppable Confidence

And, Of Course, Everything Is Backed Up By My Iron-Clad, “You’ll Love It Or You Don’t Pay” 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

That means you get over EIGHT WEEKS to “Try out” the techniques and secrets in Language of Desire and if you aren’t thrilled with your investment you’ll get every DIME back as quick as we can.

TRB 2.0 Package

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Let me leave you with one final lesson…

Do you know what men find irresistibly attractive in women?


The ability to see something you want (and you can feel you want this so much)…

And go after it.

I’ve unlocked the door.

All you have to do is walk through it.

I hope you understand that I’ve stacked the deck so much in your favor that you can’t lose.

Actually there is one way you can lose…

By walking away from this wonderful opportunity…

But you’ve suffered and craved real passion long enough…

Just click the button below…

I personally promise you’ll be happy you did.

Again, I’m Felicity Keith and I can’t wait to hear about your success.

This product contains adult language and situations, and is not meant for those under 18 years old.